The Time is Now

The time is now. With the plastic bag ban on its way in the state of California and oil lapping our precious coastline, the United States faces challenges of new commitments and witnesses broken promises to protect our planet. It will take determination and imagination to fight global warming and environmental negligence. Yet at the same time, it might just take a back to basics approach. Something of a Green 101. Think about it. We can hardly recycle successfully. Let's start there.america recycles day

While it may seem like an inconvenience to sort your trash, the benefits outweigh the costs. One barrel in twelve produced goes towards plastic production, plastic which quickly makes its way to our landfills, at the galling number of 28 million tons year and at a cost of 28 million tons of natural gas not available to heat homes or drive electric turbines.[1] A ten percent improvement in the recycling rate of this nation would result in 8.3 million metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided (using the EPA's figures and methods.)[2] Isn't that rewarding enough?

Let's make the move towards true materialism. You know, actually valuing our materials: our paper, plastic, and aluminum. Buying what we want to keep, not toss. Choose. Demand. Refuse. Refuse to accept climate-damaging products.

How long will we have the luxury of 'more important things to worry about?' The time is now.

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Post by Paige Costello

[1] Data Tables 2008. EPA. USA figures.

[2] Calculations and References. EPA. USA figures.