Green Building Win for California

solar_panel_roof_installWe heard great news for green building today: the California Energy Commission approved energy efficiency standards for new homes and commercial buildings. Beginning in January 2014, building energy efficiency standards will be 25 percent more efficient than current standards for residential construction and 30 percent better for nonresidential construction. Long-term win: homeowners will save thousands on gas and electricity costs over time. Short-term win: this move is expected to create an estimated 3,500 building jobs in its first year of implementation.

"California is again at the forefront of the fight to stem climate change and Global Green supported this effort by the CEC to strengthen building codes for new construction," said Mary Lueveno, director of our Policy and Legislative Affairs department. "We are also leading the charge to ensure that our existing buildings are as energy efficient as possible through the implementation of the Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings Law (AB 758) at the CEC."