Youth Speak

I need to be brief tonight as I am going on very little sleep over the last few days and it is already past mid-nite.  (I just can't pull all nighters like I used to!). But I feel compelled to share what I've seen over the last two days.  Kids, kids and more kids.  The world's youth have arrived.

I was pretty certain that I'd be seeing young people in Copenhagen.  For all the reasons that young people attend these kinds of events.  Because a parent, or teacher or professor tell them they should go.  Because they read about this big event happening in a far away European city and they want to travel, get out and see the world.  Because their friends are doing it.  I overheard one young woman on the train today telling someone who asked why she came to Copenhagen that she " thought it would be a good experience, a once in a lifetime thing".  But it is more than that.  The young people coming to Copenhagen seem to be driven here with the zeal of missionaries.  They are purposeful, they are loud, they are unabashed and they come with one intention: TO STOP CLIMATE CHANGE.

They are organizing rallies, handing out pamphlets, singing in the hallways, and generally raising hell.  Some of them have t-shirts reading "How Old Will you be in 2050?"  They are even banding together to simulate the the sound of a rain forest in an attempt to impress upon their obviously-clueless elders the fact that this issue is important.  No more messing around, no more empty promises, no more bland diplomatic statements....we want change.  Impressive.  Now lets hope we listen to them.