Student Spotlight: Pierre Beauchamp

Photo by Elizabeth Crowe Pierre Beauchamp is one of the winners of our Citizen Entrepreneur Contest and was also among the student leaders we invited to join the Green Cross International/Global Green delegation to the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June. Below, he shares with us some observations about the experience.

I learned... that there are many people wanting change and not many people willing to change. Many of us are very aware of the troubles ahead. However, many of us are not willing to change or simply do not know how to implement change. I also learned that there is a growing number of people interested in sustainable living and ready to take the necessary steps to achieve that for themselves.

I was inspired by... the speakers at the Green Cross room, where our letter was presented. I think that they had a firm understanding of the risks and consequences that we face if we continue living at the rate in which we are today.

What surprised me... was the amount of people with concern and the lack of people with viable solutions.