Field Trip: BP Command Center Visit




Beth Galante and I recently took a tour of the BP command center that was built on private property following the Deepwater Oil Spill. We visited with land owners we're working with on wetlands restoration efforts; this landowner group is collectively known as a the Meraux Foundation and they are dedicated to rebuilding and revitalizing St. Bernard Parish, which sits directly east of New Orleans. Because they understand the natural benefits of healthy wetlands, they have worked with many groups to restore their wetlands, which enhance local water quality and are crucial for providing protection against storm surge. The group is currently interested in using the building for environmental educational purposes or as a hub for wetland restoration.

The Meraux Foundation sees the potential to use the vacant BP Command Center for educational purposes and as a hub for wetland restoration.  The Command Center sits adjacent to brackish wetlands and Bayou La Loutre.  Because of its location, children from schools in Orleans and St Bernard Parishes could travel by boat or bus to reach the Command Center and spend a day learning about the coastal environment from critical wildlife habitats to the daily lives of Gulf of Mexico fishermen and oystermen.
Global Green plans to submit a proposal for the site and looks forward to continue working with the Meraux Foundation.