Weekly Rewind: Green News from Aug. 6-12

Green news stories we're still talking about from last week: No Nukes: On the 67th anniversary of Hiroshima, the United Nations echoed our call for nuclear disarmament   Meanwhile, word also came from Japan that they could elminate nuclear power and move to renewable energy by 2030 (Wall Street Journal report).

Raising a Cup: Members of our CoRR recycling coalition, Starbucks & LBP Manufacturing, introduced the eco Earth Sleeve.

Olympic Honors: Cheetah cubs at the National Zoo were given names of Olympic sprinters from the U.S. (Huffington Post report).

Time for Extreme Globe Makeover: As news broke that July was the hottest month on record (NOAA report), climate scientist James Hansen published a great story on climate change and extreme weather (Washington Post story).

Curiosity & Climate: In exploring Mars, the rover Curiosity could help us learn more about  climate change on Earth. (Grist post)

Keystone Concerns: The water used to irrigate America’s breadbasket could be threatened by the Keystone XL pipeline expansion plans. (Washington Post report)

Clean & Mean: At the National Clean Energy Summit, Senator Harry Reid had some fighting words. To start with, "We must act today." (Climate Progress post)

Bay Area Blast: An oil refinery fire in the Bay Area threatened life, homes, and air quality (LA Times report) and could be a drain on the already-struggling California economy (LA Times report).

Wanna Hold Your Hand: Our New Orleans staff joined the Hands Across the Sand action to say Yes to clean energy and No to offshore drilling in the Gulf.

Fun with Math: When reviewing files of past projects, we calculated that we've certified 1200 LEED-certified affordable housing units so far.

Sunny Days Ahead: CEO Matt Petersen embarked on his return visit to VDay’s City of Joy in the Congo to install a donated solar system.