Table Time with the Mayor

no_nw_mayor_mtg_table Before setting the city’s budget for 2013, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is holding "Annual Budgeting for Outcomes Meetings" in each district, to allow city residents to voice their opinions and requests for the city and their neighborhoods. For the gatherings, the mayor has invited NOLA Wise and other community organizations to represent their programs. We attended the first one this week, held in District B, with upwards of 700 people in attendance -- a perfect opportunity for us to speak about our NOLA Wise home weatherization program and connect with residents about how we can help them make their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient.

The subject of greening homes and buildings also came up in a question addressed to the Mayor. On the topic of blighted buildings and what the community seemed to think was the slow rate at which they were being taken down, one speaker asked why demolition had to be the answer. Mayor Landrieu seemed to agree by mentioning sustainability and the option of fixing the buildings instead of clearing the lots. It was great to hear that sustainability was on the minds of concerned citizens and the Mayor.