Weekly Rewind: Green News from Aug. 13-19

congo_volunteers Green news stories we're still talking about from last week.

Joy and Light: CEO Matt Petersen was in the Congo helping green VDay's City of Joy with the installation of a donated solar system. Matt's pre-trip postphotos from the trip and ways you can help.

Why We Fight: Climate change is said to be creating the perfect conditions for the deadly West Nile Virus attack in Texas (Climate Central post). Also, chocolate and football are at risk, too (Boing Boing post). Oh, and Greenland is on track to break a 30-year record for ice melting (Huffington Post Green).

Politics As Usual: With the Presidential race drawing near, a study shows that more Americans want action to be taken to fight climate change, although candidates are not openly discussing the hot topic (New York Times story). Meanwhile, the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication released a report on the political benefits of taking a stand on climate change.

Home Sweet Sustainable Home: We closed on the second of five sustainable LEED homes we built in one the neighborhoods hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. (Post)

Renewable Report: 2011 was a banner year for wind energy in America (Department of Energy report).

Fukushima Aftermath: Radiation from the nuclear disaster is causing butterfly mutations (Scientific Reports study). Despite the dangers, 29 countries are considering nuclear energy (Reuters report).

Innovation Inspiration: In an effort to protect the safety of millions across the globe while saving water and energy, the Gates Foundation is looking to reinvent the toilet (LA Times report).

Summer Study: Mary Luevano and Gina Goodhill Rosen were at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Summer Study Conference, where they spoke on a panel about our work to help California lead the way in energy efficiency, with upgrades to existing buildings (Our work on AB 758).

Big Foot: 10 countries with the biggest environmental footprints were named by National Geographic. We're on the list (but doing our part to drop off!).

Quote of the Week: "There's just no drama with this stuff… The solar panels show up. You plug 'em in to an inverter. You back the system up with a generator." -- Tim Allyn, owner of Sustainability is Designed, in a "Mother Jones" story about solar powering stages for concerts and tours.

Video of the Week: New NASA time-lapse video of Earth.