Solar Installed: Success in the Congo

congo_solar_install_roof Good news to report from the Congo: we completed the installation of the solar system in time for the graduation ceremony for the women and girls at VDay's City of Joy.

Michael Stangl of Renewable Power Design Group was one of of the amazing volunteers who joined CEO Matt Petersen on the trip and he reported that the system has already been tested, first when the utility grid went down Wednesday and again on Thursday. Happily, the PV system and batteries reliably provided power. "The ultimate test came today during the graduation ceremony," he said. "The utility grid went down once more. However,  nobody noticed as the PV system immediately took over. All of the speeches, dancing, singing , and drumming went on, uninterrupted by the drone of a generator."

We will continue our work there with clean water solutions for the women and girls recovering in the City of Joy and you can help us with support for our continued efforts.

More photos posted to Flickr.