Crosstown Conversations: Isaac, Air Conditioning, Energy Efficiency

no_crosstown_conversationsBeth Galante, the Director of New Orleans and Gulf Coast Initiatives, joined Jeanne Nathan on Crosstown Conversations on Thursday, September 6. She and Timolynn Sams from the Neighborhood Partnership Network spoke with Nathan about Hurricane Isaac and the lessons to be learned on storm preparation and response. New Orleans seemed to experience a city-wide rise in tempers (not just temperatures) due to extreme discomfort caused by the lack of air conditioning. Galante, Sams, and Nathan all asked the question: How did people live in New Orleans before air conditioning? It is hard to imagine now, but that once was the case. We now must work on storm preparation and recovery tactics.

The State of Louisiana offers impressive incentives and tax cuts for homes retrofitted to be better protected against storms and hurricanes. Many of the measures also save energy. Storm proof windows, for example, happen to be very energy-efficient.

"Energy efficiency and storm resiliency are very closely connected," said Galante, noting that she was cooler than most of her neighbors after five days without power because of the actions she has taken to weatherize her home-- with insulation, sealed windows, and more. This is great news for our NOLA Wise weatherization program for homeowners. In the coming months and years, we hope to help even more New Orleans homeowners with making their homes both more energy-efficient and more storm resilient.