Home Improvements: Post-Isaac Plans

no_beth_on_wwl_post_isaacIt's been a media whirlwind for Global Green New Orleans since Hurricane Isaac landed. Last Friday, Director of New Orleans and Gulf Coast Initiatives Beth Galante appeared on WWL TV's morning news in New Orleans, along with Maryann Miller of the Preservation Resource Center, to discuss tips on finding reputable contractors for restoring homes post-Isaac. Our team at NOLA Wise has vetted contractors who are nationally certified in green construction, and who can also make home repairs. Galante pointed out that this can be a good opportunity to make your house more energy-efficient and healthy while you make any necessary post-Isaac repairs. We want to make sure that people are not victimized as they were following Hurricane Katrina, so it is important to get a good contractor. For energy efficiency work, NOLA Wise uses a third party to carefully check the quality of the work done in the homes of our program participants. Homeowners do not make a final payment until we verify that they received the quality energy-efficiency upgrades that they expect. We are here to save you money, too, with one of the best loan programs in the country (provided by Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank), and a commitment to ensure that homeowners can access every incentive available to lower the cost of improvements.

Be sure to keep in mind that you can save money now and for years to come by investing in basic storm-proofing for your home. The State of Louisiana has information on savings: up to 30% on insurance premium discounts, as much as $5,000 in state tax credits, and tax deductions for storm shutters. You can find out more from NOLA Wise.