The Future of Nuclear Energy: Chernobyl and Fukushima

Three Russian experts with firsthand experience of the Chernobyl reactor tragedy, and other Russian radiological disasters, have arrived in the U.S. for the start of a pre-arranged informational tour organized by Beyond Nuclear. The talk will be on the ongoing impact of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe and the implications for the nuclear disaster in Japan.

  • Natalia Manzurova is a survivor, involved directly in the Chernobyl “liquidation” process for five years. She currently advocates for the rights of victims of radiation exposure internationally.
  • Dr. Nataliya Mironova, a prominent leader of the anti-nuclear movement in Russia, is available to share lessons learned from Chernobyl and how we can apply them to environmental, human rights, and peace advocacy today.
  • Tatiana Muchamedyarova is an outspoken voice in bringing attention to the consequences of nuclear accidents in her native region of Chelyabinsk, including a 1957 radioactive waste explosion considered one of the worst -- albeit lesser known -- nuclear catastrophes in human history, contaminating an entire region with hazardous radioactivity.