Sandy's Reminder: Fighting Climate Change is Crucial

Just over a year ago, I was in joined in New York during Climate Week with Mark Ruffalo to launch Global Green's "I Am" campaign to raise awareness for the threat of sea level rise, and storm surge. We were in New York's Battery Park, one of the city's lower-lying areas that's most vulnerable to storm surge -- where we stood has waves lapping over it, and now we are watching news reports of rising waters there and on other parts of the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy bears down. Hours before high tide, the storm was already showing more strength than Irene, which wreaked havoc just a little over a year ago. Again, lives are threatened and damage will be in the millions.

Let's pray everyone remains safe, and prepare for the repair and rebuilding of damage that has and will occur. For us, that means getting back to taking action to prevent sea level rise from worsening due to global warming. While storms will continue to brew, we can take measures to prepare and make sure we continue to take the science of climate change seriously -- so that we can protect lives, the places we live, and conditions for us on the planet.