Video: Field Trip to See the BiobiN

As part of our ongoing efforts to explore systems for distributed waste recovery, we visited a Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia to document an innovative way of recovering food waste more efficiently: the BiobiN. The BiobiN, manufactured by CoRR member Wastequip, is a large container that can store food waste for up to 28 days while controlling both odor and vermin.

The container uses wood chips and a filtration system that circulates and cleans the air to allow the food waste to decompose without creating strong smells. This system minimizes the number of truck trips required to manage the hotel's sizable food waste stream -- instead of needing trash pickup every day or two, the food waste can be picked up only once every three to four weeks, saving money as well as reducing pollution.

Our NY staff took a tour of the facility and met with the hotel's Chief Engineer, Steve Storer, as well as some representatives from the BiobiN company. We verified that the odor was minimal, and heard Steve Storer's account of the cost savings and environmental benefits of the system.