New Solar Feed-in-Tariff Program to Open

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days in recent history for us because the Los Angeles City Council agreed to move forward with a 100MW solar "feed in tariff" program (fancy name for a solar incentive) that Global Green has been a key advocate for in partnership with the Los Angeles Business Council for over 3 years. This feed in tariff will be the largest such program in the country and has the potential to create half a billion dollars in private investment in LA and create over 4500 clean energy jobs. Los Angeles had fallen far behind in the race to become the largest "solar city" but this program will help put us right back on top where we belong. The LA Department of Water and Power has already issued an announcement accepting applications for the first 20MW of the new solar program, for more information go to We are thrilled to have been part of such an historic event!

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