Green Event Details: Pre-Oscar Party 2013

preoscar_2013_dinner_table We make sure that our events are planned and executed with the environment in mind. Here's the scoop on green event details for 10th annual Pre-Oscar Party at Avalon Hollywood on February 20, 2013.


General Green Event Rules: Choose table arrangements and other greens/flowers that are composed of organic and reusable plants, flowers, and other materials.

Pre-Oscar Party 2013 Details: Designer Bess Wyrick of Celadon & Celery is providing a living decor installation in the lobby and centerpieces, using mostly native plants and contributions from Durie Design. Also in the display: roses, selected because it is the NY state flower  and the night's proceeds will help fund work to rebuild green following Hurricane Sandy. All plants will be donated to Silverlake Farms following the event.


General Green Event Rules: Serve organic and sustainable food. Whenever possible, use produce from local farmers and merchants.

Pre-Oscar Party 2013 Details: Akasha, a Culver City restaurant that serves organic and locally sourced dishes, is catering the Patron Dinner. She is serving a custom-designed farm-to-table menu from L.A.'s best farmer's markets.


General Green Event Rules: Serve organic wine and spirits that are organic and biodynamic. For other drinks, opt for naturally flavored soft drinks and organic juices. Use reusable glassware.

Pre-Oscar Party 2013 Details: The bar is stocked with organic 360 Vodka. Sustainable wines served at the Patron Dinner come from CADE Estate Winery and Ehlers Estate: the 2009 CADE Napa Valley Cabernet Cuvee and 2012 Ehlers Estate Sauvignon Blanc. (Read our interviews with the winemakers from CADE and Ehlers.)


General Green Event Rules: Encourage public transportation, carpooling, or travel in hybrid, electric, and other energy-efficient vehicles.

Pre-Oscar Party 2013 Details: Celebrity guests arrive in Chevy Volt hybrid electric sedans (from our automotive sponsor). Also on display in the Chevy Volt lounge: the new Spark.


General Green Event Rules: Choose online and email communications when possible. Enlist a printing service that uses recycled paper and non-toxic ink for necessary printed materials, such as invitations and event programs.

Pre-Oscar Party 2013 Details: We didn't print invitations or programs for this event, opting instead for electronic invitations. We also use plasma screens for most messaging at the event.


In addition to many of our guests wearing clothing that's vintage or made sustainably, this event marks the launch of the H&M garment recycling program, with proceeds to benefit Global Green USA.


This year, Willie Nelson is performing – an artist who walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. He is a founder of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance and powers his home with solar.