Global Green Room Interview: Danielle Cyrot

interview_danielle_cyrotCADE Estate Winery is one of the first LEED certified wineries in Napa Valley, and they are a sponsor of our Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood on February 20, where they will be the provider of the sustainable red wine served (2009 CADE Napa Valley Cabernet Cuvée) at our Patron Dinner. Below, we talked to CADE's winemaker, Danielle Cyrot, about her work. How did you become environmentally conscious?

In high school, I really started to take notice of my personal impact on the environment. As soon as I realized that my everyday actions could greatly change the health and longevity of our food supply, the air we breathe, and the water we drink, I decided to make a change in my daily habits. I choose to purchase local organic food as much as possible. I recycle everything! Including corks, foils, screw caps and, of course, the glass bottle of every wine I drink. And I try to conserve energy by turning lights off, keeping my thermostat low, and by unplugging unused appliances.

What would surprise us about your work?

Winemaking is such a diverse field! One day I am out in the vineyard, the next I am in the cellar getting my hands stained red from working with the wine. And the next day I am in a fabulous 3-star restaurant enjoying a 5-course meal with CADE wines. I wear many hats in this business of wine, but I love each part of it.

Who is your green hero?

My green hero is former President Jimmy Carter. He had solar panels installed on the White House roof! Only to be removed by Ronald Reagan a year later. Imagine if we had embraced the technology then what we could be doing now. Solar panels installed on the roof of new homes/construction? How about a solar powered 4-wheel drive vehicle? I need that for the vineyard! I just feel Carter was ahead of his time when it came to protecting our environment.

What has been a recent work success or accomplishment?

That's a tough one! I guess I am very excited about the 2012 vintage and the wines we made. I am really excited to show off my handy work on the upcoming Sauvignon Blanc (bottling at the end of February) and the Cabs releasing in 2015!

If you had the power to make one global and green change, what would it be?

How about a landfill-free planet! Meaning everything we consumed, purchased, and then discarded was 100% recyclable , compostable, and or reused!