Green Pi-Ku Time for Pi Day

We're celebrating Pi Day at the office with some green-themed pi-ku contributions from staff. (What's a pi-ku, you ask? The twist on the haiku honors Pi with its numbers, 3.14. First line: three syllables; second line: one syllable; third line: four syllables). Lily Kelly: Global Green Yeah Solving Problems

Mary Luevano: Climate Change Duh Just DO something

Vanessa Briseno: Time to Green Earth Or she will die

Stef McDonald: Sun rises Shines Embrace solar

Lauren Fuhry: Together Now Renew the Earth

Matt Petersen: Eat healthy Food And Feed Your Soul

Linda Stone: We greenies Feel The planet's pain

In response We Plant seeds again

Sarah Susson: Keep her clean. Please. Reduce, Reuse.

Manette McClain: To Survive Change No more running

Matt de la Houssaye: Climate Shock brings Rising waters

auspicious each breath delicious

Composting Makes Happy Microbes

Recycling Gives Fiber New Life

Large footprint Size Only one earth

Steps now felt for Generations

Tina Vennegaard: To connect us with Mother Earth

Make sure that your clear voice is heard

Jeff Supak: Clean Water flows and we can swim