Global Green Room Interview: Randy Chambliss

interview_randyGlobal Green's NOLA Wise program is our program with the City of New Orleans to provide project management services for homeowners wanting to retrofit their homes to make them more comfortable and energy efficient. The program provides vetted contractors, access to exclusive financing, and quality assurance of completed work. Randy Chambliss is a NOLA Wise certified contractor from No Limit Energy Solutions, LLC. How did you become environmentally conscious? Through Hurricane Katrina. The storm was a big eye opener to the economy and to weather. You began to hear a lot more about global warming and Hurricane Katrina was affected by that.

What would surprise us about your work? We strive for customer service – it is our number one goal. We make sure we are on time, stay on budget, and leave the homeowner with an impression that we are part of the family.

How have you worked with Global Green USA?

NOLA Wise helped to supply funding and training through the organization. It brings quality, targeted leads to our firm. Once we make the phone call, it is an easy transition between an energy audit and contract for work. The biggest contribution to our firm is that NOLA Wise acts as a third party and provides comfort for the homeowner in making a decision to move forward. Global Green's NOLA Wise plays a big part because after Katrina, construction was a big thing. And part of construction is the word "con." NOLA Wise makes the homeowner feel more comfortable and provides a third party to mediate. I sit down with the client and tell them that they can call Global Green with any questions or concerns and to use NW as a resource. It is also reassuring to the client that final payment is not due until they have a quality assurance inspection.

Who is your hero? Robert Kiyosaki. He published the book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad," and talks about having financial education, which is critical in our economy today.

What has been a recent work success or accomplishment? Our biggest accomplishment is that, as of two and a half weeks ago, we now offer solar energy systems to the community at affordable prices!

If you had the power to make one global and green change, what would it be? For the masses to become more green.