Framed! Green Cross International Council Meeting

In late August, our COO Richard Wegman, along with our Director of Security & Sustainably Paul Walker and S&S Program Associate Marina Voronova, attended a Green Cross Council meeting in Geneva. 4968085169_443559d550_z

While walking through the Old Town of Geneva, they came upon a large picture frame set up for a commercial shoot and took advantage of the situation for the portrait above! Pictured from left to right:

Emma Dayan, Project Coordinator, GCI Adam Koniuszewski, COO, GCI Marina Voronova, Program Associate, Security & Sustainability, GGUSA Maria Vitagliano, Director, SocMed, GCCH Sergei Baranovsky, President, GCR Richard Wegman, COO, GGUSA Paul Walker, Director, Security & Sustainability, GGUSA Nathalie Gysi, Executive Director, GCCH Stephan Robinson, Program Director, GCCH Michelle Laug, Communications Executive, GCI Elio Pacilio, Executive Director, GC Italy