Recycling in DC: Conference Report

corr_dc_conf_april2013On Thursday, April 4, our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) team met at Global Green USA's Washington, D.C. office with invited guests to explore, share, and investigate solutions for increased recovery of food packaging. The discussion spanned local, as well as national, initiatives with a focus on recycling food packaging at large-scale venues such as cafeterias, stadiums, festivals, and military bases.

We touched on various elements of a system-wide approach to recover paper food packaging and heard from CoRR members working in the design, manufacture, use, and recovery of paper packaging on innovative products and industry trends. The DC Department of the Environment shared their wish list for increasing packaging recovery in the DC metro area, and U.S. EPA provided a national and international perspective, and presented on policy and industry trends in paper recovery. Also in attendance: the Department of Defense and a representative from the National's baseball stadium.

Already, we've heard positive feedback. "This inventive mix resulted in creating the space for new collaboration and some possible new pilots in the region,” said Chris Weiss, Executive Director of the DC Environmental Network.

The updates, insights, and ideas from this conference will inform CoRR's future work to help ensure that our paper recovery pilots are as impactful as possible for increasing the recovery of valuable paper from the waste stream.