ReThink - Why Housing Matters

This past Wednesday the Global Green Team arrived in Milwaukee, WI to provide Technical Assistance to the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee. After touring Milwaukee’s larges public housing development-Westlawn, and facilitating multiple meetings with City and Housing Authority staff, as well as many health and community based organizations, we spend some time with the residents of Westlawn. The dynamics in Westlawn have changed drastically over the past few years. One half of the development received the largest investment of Low Income Housing Tax Credits the state has ever seen, and the other remains unchanged from its original 1950′s bunker, garden style housing. During our intimate community meeting of about 15 people one resident summed up her family’s approach to patiently waiting for the second half of the redevelopment. She stressed the importance of living by example and being a steward of the environment by serving as a model to the children in her neighborhood. Needless to say our trip was successful in exchanging ideas and shedding light on the need for public housing in our nation’s growing cities. Check out the video below and ReThink who lives in public housing.