Field Report: Presenting Findings to Restaurants

Much of our work at the Coalition for Resource Recovery is related to restaurants, and helping them to reduce and recover their food scraps and packaging waste - in recognition of this, we were invited to the National Restaurant Association's 2013 Show in Chicago to present some of our findings as part of a panel about waste recovery at restaurants. Our fellow panelists included Croc's 19th Street Bistro, a restaurant located in Virginia Beach that has implemented an innovative sustainability policy, and Starbucks Coffee Company, who is well-known for a strong environmental commitment which includes green building and recycling efforts.

From left: Jeff Clark, National Restaurant Association; Jim Hanna, Starbucks; Lily Kelly, Global Green USA, and Laura Habr, Croc's 19th St Bistro.

While we each presented a different perspective on the subject, many common themes emerged from the presentations. All the presenters agreed that working with the whole supply chain, from the packaging manufacturers to the waste haulers, was essential to creating a system that functioned smoothly and cost effectively. We have also all found that providing systems like this for customers helps them to feel good about visiting the restaurant. We appreciate the opportunity to share our work with restaurateurs and their suppliers, and to get to experience Chicago in some beautiful springtime weather!