Major Waste Hauler Confirms Favorable Economics of Foodservice Packaging Collection

At WasteExpo 2012, Joe Burke of CoRR member Action Environmental Group (the largest waste and recycling provider in NYC and service provider to fellow CoRR members Starbucks and Pret A Manager), stated publicly for the first time that it could collect and recycle spent paper coffee cups with mixed waste paper on an ongoing basis. This development has profound implications for CoRR’s work; it means that we can deploy in-store infrastructure to collect post-consumer paper and know that the paper will continue to be recycled on an ongoing basis after the pilot has been completed. In an article featured in Recycling Today, Joe was quoted as saying, "This is one of the green things we can do where we can save money and be environmentally responsible.” We look forward to working with Action as we continue to seek national solutions for diverting paper foodservice packaging from landfills and into high-value materials. Joe Burke of Action Environmental Group (left) and Matt de la Houssaye of Global Green USA (right).