Energy Star 3.0 training coming to New Orleans!

Thanks to SEEA and Advanced Energy, NOLA Wise presents Louisiana’s first Energy Star Version 3.0 Certified New Homes Training for HVAC contractors. This training is FREE with the coupon code "SEEA". HVAC Contractors that want to work in the ENERGY STAR new homes program must be credentialed, and there are only 2 programs that offer the credential nationally.  Advanced Energy is the only organization that performs in-person, hands-on training for HVAC Contractors.

The training is roughly 5 hours of best practices for performing HVAC work in the ENERGY STAR program.  It includes a Technical Guide with tips and tricks, critical details, cut sheets, and clear illustrations in English and Spanish that can be used on job sites to ensure that the work is being performed correctly.

The purpose of the Orientation and Technical Training is to provide participating HVAC Contractors with the proper level of training on the ENERGY STAR program, the Quality Assured Professional (QAP) program, and the technical aspects of HVAC needed to perform quality design, install, and start-up functions on ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes Program jobs.

Advanced Energy’s QAP Program is designed to increase HVAC contractor compliance with ENERGY STAR V3 through a robust QC/QA process. This course was created to instruct HVAC contractors on what ENERGY STAR V3 is requiring, how to fill out the HVAC System QI Checklist and how to participate in the QAP program.

Thursday, August 22nd


Propeller Incubator, 4035 Washington Ave.

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