BIG OIL: Fix the Coast You Broke

Since 1932, Louisiana has lost more than 1900 square miles and experts agree that anywhere between 30-90% of that loss is directly attributable to activities of the oil industry.

For every 3 to 4 miles of wetlands that we lose, that is another foot of storm surge that we cannot prevent from slamming into our levees and threatening catastrophic damage to our communities. The industry has admitted to causing these damages - yet has done little to make reparations. The people of Louisiana can longer afford to ask nicely.

On July 24, the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East (SLFPAE) filed a lawsuit against the oil industry claiming the wetland loss caused by the industry has forced the agency to spend significantly more on flood protection. 

Source: USGS

Global Green has joined a coalition asking Governor Jindal to side with the people and hold the oil industry accountable for the massive wetlands loss it has caused. Here’s some background on the suit:

  • Governor Jindal proclaims that he supports solving the coastal restoration crisis. However, he is trying to derail this lawsuit showing he would prefer to protect Big Oil than work towards a meaningful solution.
  • Levee boards throughout the state face increasing costs for levee and storm barrier maintenance.  If the oil companies are not required to pay their fair share, the residents of Louisiana will be left to foot the bill in the form of increased ad valorem taxes, higher flood insurance premiums and the like.
  • The people of Louisiana are doing their part by paying taxes to the Levee Board. This crisis affects all of us, and to solve this crisis we need an “All-Hands-On-Deck” effort— including the oil industry and our political leadership.
  • The SLFPAE has shown tremendous courage and dedication to protecting the people of Louisiana by filing this lawsuit, and Attorney General Buddy Caldwell did the right thing in approving the SLFPAE retaining counsel to pursue this worthy claim.


How YOU can get involved: