Successful Annual Food Packaging Meeting

Lily Kelly presents at Food & Beverage Supply Chain NGO meeting Last week, after our New York City events had come to an end, I headed to Global Green USA’s office in Washington, DC to co-host our annual Food and Beverage Supply Chain NGO meeting.

Each year, Global Green USA and Elemental Impact bring together some of the most active and influential non-profits who are working to increase recovery of food and beverage packaging for both recycling and composting. We update each other on our work over the past year; discuss our successes, challenges, and next steps; and explore options for coordinating our programs. Since many of us have common partners in the private and public sectors, this meeting is frequently the birthplace of valuable collaborations.

Attendees this year included the DC Environmental Network (of which Global Green USA is a fiscal sponsor), the Foodservice Packaging Institute, the Glass Packaging Institute, Green Seal, the National Restaurant Association, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and the US Composting Council.

The meeting was exciting and productive, and we look forward to following up with each of these groups as we continue our work on recovering paper and plastic packaging to its highest use.