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Salvatore Lopizzo Citizen Entrepreneur: Citizen Sandy

We found our man.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Global Green offered $1,000 in seed funding for a Citizen Entrepreneur—a local green hero working to build resiliency and sustainable recovery in his or her corner of the world.

Enter Sal Lopizzo, Director of You Are Never Alone (YANA), a community center in Rockaway Park that supports vulnerable community members hit hardest by Sandy. In addition to providing a Job Readiness Program, Sal and his team promote a holistic vision of sustainable living—from employment to green building.

“Global Green and YANA can help change minds about ‘green’ technologies and living. With Global Green’s help, we will be better prepared as a coastal community when the next disaster strikes.” - Sal Lopizzo

We're thrilled to award Sal with the Citizen Entrepreneur microgrant, but this is just the beginning.

We want to help 100 more people like Sal, but we need your help to do it. Give now to help us support local heroes with big ideas. Let's change our world one neighborhood at a time.

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