#FiveFacesGG: Linda Stone

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Linda Stone Director, New Orleans

If not now, then when? If not us, then who? We can't wait for another disaster before we start building resilient communities.

In September 2013, the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) Board of Directors revoked approval for Global Green’s 20-unit green affordable housing project—the only affordable rental housing project proposed for the Lower 9th Ward in the past eight years since Hurricane Katrina.

Alongside New Orleans residents, elected officials, and other community leaders, Global Green continues to fight for this catalytic project.

“This is an historic opportunity to provide green housing with reduced utility costs and low impact on the environment, all while providing affordable rental housing. Global Green is here for the long haul.” - Linda Stone

Help Linda and our team stand up to special interests and make history in the Lower 9th Ward.

Support our ongoing efforts to rebuild a resilient, sustainable community in New Orleans that serves as a model for the city, the country—and the world.

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