Wheeling in a New Compost Bin at the Holy Cross Project!

toter composter 2 The Toter composter was wheeled into action down at the Holy Cross Project (HCP) LEED Platinum Visitor Center in New Orleans this weekend.  Global Green’s staff looks forward to testing out this new approach to backyard composting and started out by tossing in some food scraps from their Super Bowl snacks!

toter compost binThe compost “recipe” reminder on the inside of the bin’s lid should serve as a good tool to remind HCP bin users of the 2:1 “brown:green” material ratio when composting. In the parlance of composting, “brown” is the term used to describe carbon-rich wood, dried grass or leaves, and paper wastes. Nitrogen-rich materials like food scraps, egg shells, and fresh grass clippings are referred to as “green.”

After picking up bags of shredded paper last Friday from the Hynes Charter School Recycling Rangers, the third grade USGBC Louisiana Green School Challenge participants we are mentoring, we already had a good chunk of “brown” material to use.

The Toter composter is a backyard bin designed to compost food scraps and then release usable and nutrient-rich dirt from its bottom compartment. This dirt can be used for gardening, and the bin can easily be wheeled out to the plant beds. The sun never came out on Sunday, so we haven’t had a chance to test out the composter’s wheels yet, but it will be great to move the bin around the yard and into the sunshine when the compost is ready be used.

Stay tuned for later reports on how the Toter composter is working down in NOLA!