Inspiration Green: Dreams for our People, Places, and Planet

Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party Inspiration Wall

At our 11th Annual Pre-Oscar Party, we asked guests to share their green inspiration. In honor of Global Green USA's 20th anniversary, we decided to look forward—to hope and to dream about what our people, places, and planet can aspire to in the next 20 years.

Here's what was shared:

In 20 years, our

PEOPLE will... proud of what we left for our children vegan or at least vegetarian

…share experiences

...sadly be just as foolish

...use all-natural cleaning products! Your skin in a powerful organ - protect it!

...have more happiness and shared opportunities

...share everything! more compassionate and make better, eco conscious decisions

...appreciate local leaders in their community making a difference! more tolerant

...ride bikes more! nature enough to never take it for granted more aware of their climate decisions and the world around them free emotionally healthier… in-tune with their surroundings food grown in their neighborhood

...think beyond themselves to the global community kind to each other one family a team

...really appreciate the love of Mother Earth able to respect humankind, so we will be able to respect our Planet Earth compassionate, eco-nice :)

...respect science, love one another, care for the less fortunate, and live happily ever after!

...treat our planet with more respect! redesigning what already exists…all the time...until we run out of things love here

...cut the excess, find the essence!

...all compost, and never put food scraps into landfills (they will be phased out, parks on top) for tomorrow by preserving our environment giving back to the planet, not judge

PLACES will...

…exist in harmony with their human tenants and all life more green! designed with green space and sustainability as a major focus

...operate as ecosystems culturally educational love cleaner and more tolerant pollution-pesticide-poison-free! more pedestrian and bike friendly less polluted nature places for people to connect in health and harmony, for animals and plants to live in balance - clean and healthy

...feed, clothe, and shelter everyone! restored, reforested, regenerative used to their highest potential, not exploited for their greatest monetary payout

PLANET will…

...self sustain more beautiful

...not need protecting healthier

...survive us, laugh, spin joyously! powered by 100% renewable, clean energy self sufficient

...not have cars! totally green and beautiful

...reverse the negative effects of global warming

...serve our children’s children love

...use music, environmentalism, and love to unite! our children rid of us if we don’t behave! (so be good to Gaia)


Share your inspiration with us on social media by using the hashtag #GreenInspiration!