Promoting Public Health Issues in Central Asia and Northern Caucasus

On March 25-28, Marina Abrams and Reinhard Gasser will represent Green Cross International at the 5th Annual Conference of Biological Safety Association for Central Asia and the Caucasus (BACAC) in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. BACAC is a regional coordinator and biosafety/biosecurity knowledge distribution institution.  It promotes best practices and standards amongst its members and encourages dialogue on emerging public health issues. The conference will focus on problems of biorisk management at the workplace, global disease surveillance, bioethics and international guidelines.

Together with Kazakhstani collaborators, Marina Abrams will give a presentation about the joint project Regulating Infectious Medical Waste Management to Protect Public Health and Enhance Biosafety in Kazakhstan, implemented in 2011-2013 and sponsored by the Green Cross Switzerland and International Science and Technology Center.