Showtime Gets Real: Years of Living Dangerously

Years of Living Dangerously On Sunday, April 13, Showtime will premiere a new documentary series that promises to bring climate change to life like we've never seen before.

In short, Years of Living Dangerously will chronicle how human activities impact global climate change, and in turn, how climate change impacts all of humanity. From deforestation to extreme droughts, superstorms to civil war, correspondents such as Harrison Ford and Matt Damon investigate the human stories behind a changing climate—demanding the truth and exposing the harsh realities that have come to bare.

Powered by a passionate team of executive producers—including James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub, and Arnold Schwarzenegger—the show deems climate change "the biggest story of our time" and reminds us that it's not just about melting ice and polar bears: climate change is a people story.

With the recent release of a new report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the current and future effects of climate change have never been clearer: human-caused warming is impacting lives and livelihoods.

We also know that poor and underrepresented populations will be hit hardest by these impacts, and Global Green continues to engage these communities in the fight against climate change through inclusive policy, green building for low-income housing, and resiliency initiatives in disaster-stricken neighborhoods.

After 20 years of working to implement and advance smart, scalable solutions to climate change, we applaud Showtime for sparking the conversation through this powerful medium.

Climate change is about people—and it’s time for people everywhere to step up and take action. Join us on Twitter and Facebook and support our work here.

Watch the first full episode free starting Monday, April 7 on


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