Staff Spotlight: Heidi Jensen

Heidi Jensen staff spotlight.jpg

Sitting down with Heidi Jensen, New Orleans Office Manager, Assistant to the Director

How would you describe your role at Global Green USA in five words or less?

Creating sustainable coastal communities!

What’s your biggest priority right now at Global Green?

Louisiana and our neighboring coastal communities are ground zero for demonstrating the impacts of climate change and the importance of environmental responsibility—Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil spill disaster brought this home for us quite literally. With our NOLA Green Building Resource Center in Broadmoor, outreach events and workshops, and our Community Development and Climate Action Center (CDCAC) planning to open in Holy Cross later this year, we are able to enlighten, educate, and assist thousands of residents and visitors about the importance of building and living more sustainably.

Biggest accomplishment?

Here in New Orleans we have been involved in so many important aspects of rebuilding and protecting our region: influencing state and city policy, greening schools, educating and assisting residents and businesses with green building, energy efficiency and water management, creating green jobs, restoring and preserving our crucial wetlands—the list goes on and on!

What do you hope to have accomplished by 2015?

To continue to be a part of the revitalization of the Broadmoor neighborhood that is currently home to our office and Green Building Resource Center, while ramping up our capital campaign to successfully complete construction of our CDCAC/Holy Cross Project in the Lower 9th Ward—which will expand our offices, meeting space, interactive displays, and educational resources for NOLA residents and visitors.

What’s your favorite/most unique thing about Global Green?

In the devastating wake of Hurricane Katrina, Global Green was one of the first environmental non-profits on the ground in response to our community’s needs. Nine years later, we are still here—as committed and resilient as the City we’ve helped to rebuild. As a native New Orleanian, I’m grateful for Global Green and proud to be a part of what we do.