Staff Spotlight: Charlotte Baskin-Gerwitz

Charlotte Baskin-Gerwitz Global Green USASitting down with Charlotte Baskin-Gerwitz, Environmental Security & Sustainability Program Assistant How would you describe your role at Global Green USA in 10 words or less?

Disarmament, mitigating environmental impacts of military.

What’s your biggest priority right now at Global Green?

The biggest goal of the Environmental Security and Sustainability (ESS) program is to rid the world of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.  We currently focus on how such weapons and their toxic byproducts impact environmental and public health.  We are trying to increase awareness of this issue with international organizations, national and local governments, and the military.  Many of the international arms control regimes lack transparency and public inclusion in the disarmament process, so we work to bring civil society into the mix.

Biggest accomplishment?

I think the biggest accomplishment we in ESS have achieved since I started in October is increasing transparency, however incrementally, on the Syrian chemical weapon destruction process with the help of the Chemical Weapons Convention Coalition.  We've been releasing weekly blog updates on the destruction process, trying to gather as much information from as many sources as possible. Additionally, we've worked with both the OPCW, the Joint OPCW-UN Mission on Syria, the U.S. Departments of State and Defense to make more information on the process accessible to the public; and we were instrumental in enabling greater journalistic presence on the MV Cape Raythe U.S. ship on which the Syrian chemicals will be destroyed.

What do you hope to have accomplished by 2015?

By 2015, I think it would be great if the ESS prospective global task force on climate change and international security had its inaugural meeting and had set an agenda for the coming year(s).

What’s your favorite/most unique thing about Global Green?

My favorite thing about Global Green USA is that the overall organization encompasses such a wide variety of environmental and sustainability programs under one (proverbial) roof.