Regaining Ground Documentary Regaining Ground is a short documentary film produced by Rhonda Chan Soo that highlights pioneering approaches to saving Louisiana’s vanishing wetlands.  Featured in the film are Webster Pierce’s ‘Wave Robber,’ Dr. Sarah Mack’s pilot blue carbon project, and Louisiana State University’s blue carbon monitoring of black mangroves in partnership with Global Green USA.

At Global Green, we know that costal Louisiana is ground zero for the impacts of climate change—and we also know that wetlands are our front line of defense. As coastal wetlands continue to erode in Louisiana, the security of our communities erodes with them. The work that we have done to build a more resilient New Orleans is being undermined by land loss due to subsidence, storm surge, canal dredging from oil companies, and sea level rise due to climate change.

Thankfully, many people and organizations are working to save our coast. Global Green’s Louisiana Wetlands Action Program is finding ways to introduce blue carbon as a tool to finance coastal restoration, and we’re partnering with LSU to better understand the science behind blue carbon. By supporting innovative techniques to restore and protect costal wetlands, Global Green is doing its part in regaining ground along our coast.

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