Back to School with ‘Be Energy Smart’

Teachers are assigned.Lunches are made. Backpacks are zipped. And 'Be Energy Smart' kits are packed!

Global Green USA’s NOLA Wise crew is getting ready for a busy first semester teaching 6th grade science classes about being Energy Smart, and they have some back-to-school energy tips for all!

Be Energy Smart Global Green USA

  1. Change ALL of your light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) – or better yet, LEDs. 
    • LED bulbs use less than ¼ of the amount of energy used by an incandescent light bulb PLUS they can last up to 25x longer!  This means the cost to light the bulb is lower and you don’t have to purchase as many, saving you money and saving waste from the landfill (CoRR will thank you for that, too!).
  2. Replace your showerhead with a low-flow model. 
    • This will save energy by reducing the amount of hot water used in the shower.  It will also of course save water, so it’s basically like double savings!
    • Look for the EPA WaterSense label and you’ll be sure to reduce water use from that fixture by 20%.
  3. Add low-flow aerators to your kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. 
    • This is another way to save both energy and water.
    • Again, look for the EPA WaterSense label on faucets and accessories.
  4. Get your HVAC systems tuned up. 
    • Just like a car, air conditioning and heating units should be tuned up each season to make sure that everything is running smoothly.  A CoolSavers A/C tune-up can increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit by 30%.
  5. Change your HVAC filter at LEAST twice a year. 
    • A clogged filter will prevent energy-intensive conditioned air from getting to you.  Replacing filters with new, clean ones every six months will keep your HVAC systems from working harder than they should, therefore saving energy and money.  If you run your system more often or have severe allergies, you may consider changing your filter more frequently.
    • A filter whistle can be attached to the filter and will alert you when it is ready to be changed.

New Orleans 6th grade science teachers interested in having the ‘Be Energy Smart’ program in their classroom should contact Monica Rowand at [email protected]