**Update 4/12/11 - both Mountain View and Malibu have voted to adopt the green building requirements. Thanks to the communities, our staff and our supporters for encouraging these important steps toward a more sustainable future. Silicon Valley and Los Angeles County are about to get a little greener thanks to Global Green USA. Mountain View, home of Google Inc., Cupertino, home of Apple Inc. and Malibu, home to some of the world’s biggest movie stars and surfers are close to adopting new green building requirements that will improve energy efficiency and water quality.

Global Green USA was invited by each city to help develop and guide policy decisions and facilitate the collaboration between local government, businesses and residents of each community to create a green building policy that would fit the particular needs of their cities.

Global Green collaborated with City staff, residents, local architects, and key executives at Google and Apple to get their feedback and recommendations to insure that the new policies would be effective in advancing green building initiatives at each of their growing campuses. Thanks to Global Green’s collaborative approach, those who may have initially been skeptical of the energy saving green building initiatives, were able to learn more and provide suggestions that were subsequently incorporated into the policy.

Cupertino is focusing its resources on tenant improvements, commercial interiors and adopting LEED standards for new and existing buildings. Mountain View is emphasizing energy efficiency, with green building being part of a broader sustainability effort. Malibu is opting to focus on capping the energy efficiency of residences and establishing a fast-track program for projects that commit to high levels of LEED certification.

All three cities seem to be committed to consuming less energy, water, reducing their carbon footprint and moving toward an overall culture of environmental responsibility. Global Green’s goal is that these cities will serve as an example and a catalyst for broader green initiatives in these cities and beyond.

If you support green building and live or work in any of these cities, or know people who do, please urge them to email or call their council members to support the Green Building Policy.

Here’s the information you need to help insure these globally prominent cities adopt a pro-active green building policy today:


CONTACT: http://www.cupertino.org/index.aspx?page=331

MOUNTAINVIEW VOTES THIS DAY March 22 CONTACT: http://www.ci.mtnview.ca.us/city_council/council_roster/default.asp

MALIBU CITY COUNCIL VOTES THIS DAY Pending CONTACT: http://www.ci.malibu.ca.us/index.cfm/fuseaction/nav/navid/14/