Staff Spotlight: Sharon Williams

Sitting down with Global Green USA Receptionist Sharon Williams. Sharon Staff Spotlight 2000

1. How would you describe your role at Global Green USA in five words?

Incredibly earthy dependable positive organizer.

2. You have been at Global Green for fifteen years! How has it grown and changed over the years?

When I started working with Global Green USA in 1999, we were the new kids on the block. With the organization only being about five years old, it was a challenge to capture people’s attention about the environment.

"The Green Power Campaign" totally captivated my heart and soon many others. Marching up and down the promenade, shouting "Go Green Power" and holding up signage reading the same, was the beginning of a new era for all. Thank you Joe Costello! We knew we had to become stronger advocates for the environment, and now we have the tools with legislators, celebrities, scientists, and community leaders on our side. We grew stronger in getting our message out, tabling at events throughout Santa Monica and surrounding cities. Now Global Green USA has a national presence with offices in New Orleans, New York, Washington, and San Francisco.

Yes, we have grown a lot, but our values remain the same.

3. What are your biggest accomplishments at Global Green?

- Greening the whole office with eco-friendly products.

- Keeping my ‘Diane’ tree (named for Global Green USA founder Diane Meyer Simon) alive and healthy for fifteen years.

- Teaching my grandchildren what I've learned at Global Green USA, and to watch/hear them implement it in their daily priceless.

4. What do you hope to have accomplished by 2015?

I want to implement a successful composting program that is supported by all our staff in the Santa Monica office.

5. What is your favorite thing about Global Green USA?

The Green Urbanism Program has been the most exciting program in the organization to me. It’s inspiring to see them transforming communities, cities to sustainable living.