Planet Rock: We Salute You

Pondering Earth Day last night at the Rue De La Course on Magazine street in New Orleans (drinking a chai tea and watching the rain fall), I was suddenly struck by something I heard Kevin Donovan (a.k.a. Afrika Bambaataa, namer of hip-hop) say in an interview. "You may love your hip-hop culture, your techno, your rock, your jazz, African, reggae, or what ever music you love, respect Mother Earth, cause if you don't respect Mother Earth, She will spit your a** out." Like a song on repeat, these words kept playing in my head. I stared out the large glass window of the coffee shop and watched the strange, unique, beautiful people of NOLA shuffle by in the rain. Because I live in New Orleans, Donovan's words held extra weight. We love our music, our food, our culture, but sometimes we forget what supports it, what provides it. Earth Day's a good reminder. So I remind myself  to give thanks, and take it easy on Mother Earth. In my mind I always picture planet earth, from afar, as this little blue marble, beautiful, and realize it's all we've got--we must learn to live together.