Climate Citizens of Los Angeles Unite!

What moves people to action?  Possibly a personal experience, having first-hand knowledge of a problem, witnessing an injustice.  But we also seem to take action when we feel empowered, when we know our action will make a difference and there is a clearly defined pathway to a result. Global Green’s new City Carbon Index (CCI) will do just that.  The CCI, which will be officially released tomorrow ( is designed to make greenhouse gas emissions information for any given city (using Los Angeles as a pilot) accessible, intuitive, and easy to comprehend.  It is a visual, web-based tool that encourages active participation.  By doing this we hope that more people will be moved to action in their personal lives and through the political process by reclaiming their role as citizens.

I have a friend who told to me the other day that people in her condo complex aren’t recycling – something she has done diligently for a while.  She lamented why should she bother separating all her plastic from her paper, etc. if no one cares?  Her action is important because maybe one other person will see her doing it and decide that recycling is important.  By doing that, she could start a chain reaction.

It will take some raising of the public consciousness, a departure from being intellectual “couch potatoes”, to make the change.  Change will be easier with the help of tools like the City Carbon Index, that give us a snapshot of carbon pollution in our own backyards, but also provide us with immediate, tangible steps each and every one of us can take to help solve the problem.

CCI is designed for feedback, so check it out and let us know what you think.  You might even start your own little climate change revolution.

PolicyMary LuevanoComment