Global Green Goes to Texas - EarthX 2018

Global Green partnered with it's Green Cross International for EarthX 2018. Green Cross offices from: Sweden, Ukraine, Ghana, Australia, France, Brazil, and Italy, gathered in order to discuss their respective programs, that work to promote a just, sustainable, and secure future for all. Global Green has been the United States affiliate of Green Cross International, since it's inception in 1993. 

Green Cross has worked towards peace-building and environmental protection through its five international programs: Water for Life and Peace, Environmental Security and Sustainability, Social and Medical, Smart Energy and Value Change.

Other accomplishments since the organization’s founding include:

  • Bringing safe drinking water to more than 140,000 people in 160 communities worldwide;
  • Playing a key role in establishing and implementing the UN Watercourses Convention;
  • The annual certification of 3’000 units of affordable and sustainable housing in the United States;
  • Turning back desertification and the expansion of the Sahara by planting hundreds of thousands of trees and introducing sustainable farming methods in countries such as Burkina Faso;
  • Providing social and medical assistance to 50,000 people annually, as well as imparting crucially important knowledge on how to survive in contaminated environments;
  • Educating over one million students about climate change, water conservation, and energy use through the flagship educational activity for youth, the environmental diaries.

This historic and momentous gathering also brought worldly discussions intriguing conversation during the Climate Resilient Cities Symposium. Global Green co-hosted the symposium in Dallas with it's partners National League of Cities, American Sustainable Business Council, We Are Still In, Texas A& M, and C2ES. 

With environmental disasters taking place in cities across the country, city leaders and community stake holders are beginning to recognize the vital need to think, plan, and act in order to improve their resilience in the face of future environmental disturbances. The symposium generated a thoughtful call to action as a result. 

Click here to read more about the Climate Resilient Cities Symposium. 


The attendees of the EarthX Exposition weekend were able to learn more about Global Green and Green Cross International. Global Green invited visitors an opportunity to attend the symposium as well as share their stories about how their community is being affected by climate change. The three day event hosted more than 100,000 attendees, over 900 exhibitors, and 260 speakers, marking it the largest annual environmental exhibition and programming initiative in the world. 

Global Green was able to spread their mission, to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable future, with hundreds of thousands of like minded individuals cohesively working for the same goal of securing a more sustainable planet. 

See photos and highlights of Global Green at EarthX here