Decentralized Urban Composting


The NYC Compost Project Hosted by Big Reuse is a program funded by the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY), which features a community composting facility, located under the Queensboro Bridge in Long Island City, New York. The compost site uses a SG Mini™ System with GORE® Covers, which was developed by Sustainable Generation, and consists of a GORE® Cover placed over an aerated static pile. SCS Engineers (SCS) was hired to assist the NYC Compost Project Hosted by Big Reuse with the design and construction of their new site in 2017, which will increase the processing capacity to a maximum of 1,000 cubic yards of food scraps annually.

The NYC Compost Project works to rebuild New York City’s soils by providing New Yorkers with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to produce and use compost locally. The compost facility is part of a community-scale composting network. The finished compost is used in community gardens, street trees, and other public greening projects.

The following design and operations features are presented in this paper:

  • New site design and layout
  • Feedstock mixing
  • Covered ASP system
  • Turned windrows and screening
  • Monitoring
  • Working surfaces
  • Grading and stormwater management
  • Contact water management
  • Electric utility service

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