Congratulations to Rescuing Leftover Cuisine for Reaching 1 million Pounds of Donated Food!

Congratulations to Global Green partner, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (RLC) for reaching 1 million pounds of donated food! With support from many local and national partners (including Global Green), Rescuing Leftover Cuisine picks up unused and edible food from restaurants and events and delivers these meals to individuals in need, helping to solving the hunger and food-waste crises simultaneously. With the help of its 6,000 nationwide volunteers (named Lead Rescuers) and the online logistics application it developed, RLC has streamlined the food rescue process and closed the food loop for 109 restaurants in 12 cities.

This past spring, Global Green teamed up with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and Dig Inn restaurants to conduct a 2-week pilot program at Dig Inn restaurants. During the pilot phase, Global Green and RLC worked with the restaurants to train staff, identify the amount of food donated by Dig Inn each night, and determine the number of volunteers needed and method by which to transport food nightly to those that could use it most. 

Food Rescue in Manhattan by Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and Global Green 

Food Rescue in Manhattan by Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and Global Green 

The program is now run by RLC every night at two Dig Inn locations, reducing food waste and providing food for those most in need.

To join us on a food rescue in midtown Manhattan and to become a Lead Rescuer, please contact us at [email protected] To find out more about how to 'rescue' food in your area, please visit: