Global Green and Enterprise Community Partners: Climate and Cultural Resilience Grant Program

Global Green, in a collaborative partnership with Enterprise Community Partners, is conducting a series of site visits in support of the Climate and Cultural Resilience grant program. The grant supports community-based organizations in their efforts to create more sustainable and resilient communities by leveraging creative placemaking strategies to strengthen the connection between cultural and climate resilience. By investing in both the built environment and social systems, community-based organizations and local residents will be more prepared to adapt and respond in the face of challenges.  Five communities chosen from a competitive application process received a one year $100,000 grant to implement and manage their creative placemaking effort. 

Each of the selected communities (Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Duluth, MN; San Francisco, CA; Wayne, WV) are implementing projects related to green stormwater management, improving public open space, creating rooftop gardens, installing photovoltaic systems, and expanding opportunities for residents to create and experience art in their communities. Global Green is leveraging our years of in-the-field experience conducting Sustainable Neighborhood Assessments in communities across the nation to help facilitate stakeholder meetings, clarify each project’s scope of work, and provide technical assistance related to resilient planning and design and creative placemaking.

Global Green