Citizen Entrepreneur Contest Winner: Cassie Parsons

The winner for Global Green USA's first Citizen Entrepreneur Contest: Cassie Parsons of Charlotte, North Carolina. She was awarded $3,000 for her green project.

About Cassie:

The farmer and chef/owner of farm-to-table restaurant Harvest Moon Grille is working with members of a low-income community on a start-up urban farm to provide healthy produce and economic opportunities. The Seigle Farm community garden is a project Cassie founded with the Seigle Avenue Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, in what is considered the top food desert area of Charlotte. The first steps include the purchase materials, seeds, plants, and tools for the garden, which will support the community with produce and employment.

"I'm thrilled to have this recognition," said Parsons. "There is nothing better knowing you're a part of something that is about doing good, helping people to make money and spread the word about local food. This award is going to go along way to help me realize my goal of establishing a whole network of urban gardens throughout Charlotte and make a real change in the food deserts."

Next Steps:

In the coming months, we will keep you updated on the progress of Cassie's work at Siegle Farm.