Cleaning the Gulf Coast

Following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, we mobilzed to help provide ground relief, advocated for a clean energy future, then worked on ways to help with wetlands restoration. Since then, Global Green has continued our work to help the local communities recover and hold BP accountable.


We partnered with Bayou Grace, Voice of the Wetlands, and Episcopal Community Services to provide more than $10,000 worth of basic food aid in Terrebonne Parish, Plaquemines Parish, and elsewhere.

We sponsored grassroots balloon-mapping trips throughout Gulf Coast in conjunction with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade to locate oil sites via GIS and online tools.

We organized and documented residents in Grand Isle to raise their voices and concerns to help raise awareness and compel action to clean up the BP Oil Spill.

We helped to lead a state and federal advocacy campaign to ensure that citizens have a voice in coastal restoration decisions and that future oil drilling is safer for workers and protects the environment.

We led delegations of Global Green supporters, including Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols, Rhona Mitra and others to witness the impacts of the oil spill firsthand, meet with local political leaders and families in distress, and help communicate the disaster to the media and the general public.

We organized a New Orleans-based rally with the Sierra Club to highlight the plight of the fishing community and environmental and wildlife disaster.

We organized one of the first protest actions of fishermen and environmentalists on Grand Isle just days before the oil spill hit the shore.

We developed a partnership with AmeriCorps VISTA to secure additional staff members to support Global Green’s ongoing sustainability efforts in the Gulf region.

We co-sponsored a national Voice of the Wetlands All Stars Tour & PSA campaign to raise awareness and support of the need to invest in the protection of coastal wetlands resources devastated by Katrina, oil spill and ongoing development pressures.

We joined other organizations in successfully advocating for the passage of the RESTORE Act, to ensure that 80 percent of the penalty money paid for the BP spill goes to help those in the regions affected.

Our staff from our New Orleans office have joined other local groups to restore the Gulf, including the Restore the Earth Foundation in helping plant thousands of "Gulf Saver" plant restoration bags.

We started the Louisiana Wetland Action Program to engage landowners in coastal restoration.

We were awarded with a "Champions of Change" award for our work to restore the Gulf Coast following the oil spill.