Be An Eco-Ambassador For Your Community


Global Green is working in both Northern and Southern California to bring food waste reduction and composting to multi-family dwellings, including in the San Francisco Bay area. Our current work with compost programs includes Contra Costa County, San Mateo County, South San Francisco, Redondo Beach and Santa Monica.

Our goal is to bring food waste composting programs to building that do not have these programs. As a part of this program, we're seeking to copy a model that's been used in other cities where people in the community sign up as "eco-ambassadors" to help bring composting to their apartment buildings and support the program once it's in place.  

Global Green will bring together eco-ambassadors for a peer to peer workshop in 2017.  Additionally, we're seeking to work with residents on food waste reduction education programs for any buildings where there is strong interest regardless of geography.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you live in an apartment building and you're interested in serving as an "eco-ambassador" for your building, and work with us to see if your building and property manager can serve as one of the pioneering leaders to start a new food scrap diversion program or improve an existing one.