Food Waste Reduction and Recycling Program Update

Last year, Global Green’s Food Waste Reduction and Recycling Program engaged more than 523 households in 10 cities to combat food waste. 

The program’s outreach and education focused on how to waste less food, and to recycle that which is wasted. This resulted in more than 84,000 lbs of food waste being diverted from landfills where it would have otherwise been left to emit harmful greenhouse gases, including methane and carbon dioxide.

This year, with continued support from Walmart Foundation, we are building upon the program’s success in order to amplify its efficacy and scope.  To do so, we have:

  1. Increased resident participation and engagement through our “Eco-Ambassadors” program.
  2. Improved project reporting by piloting the use of technology as a means of auditing waste streams, in addition to “Eco-Ambassador” reporting.
  3. Supported development of organics recycling infrastructure in line with community needs by identifying and assessing different types and locations of organics processing facilities. In addition, we produced a “Compost Use Guide” for landscapers, architects, property managers, municipalities, and others to reference.   
  4. Leveraged our network of public and private partners and collaborators to facilitate the adoption of our food waste recovery model to new cities, property portfolios, landscaping projects, and beyond.