Zero-Waste Global Green Challenge

As we get closer and closer to Earth Day the Global Green office will be participating in a zero-waste challenge during the month of April. 

We're extending the challenge to you! Join us and create less landfill, reduce your carbon footprint and celebrate Earth Day like its every day! 

  1. Begins April 1st (no this will not be an April Fools joke)

  2. Have a Mason jar handy- this will be your limited trash goal for the month

                    - That are biodegradable or repurposed will not be counted in the challenge

                     - This includes only landfill items

  1. Help support / encourage those doing the challenge with you in case they begin to fall behind (it happens) 

  2. If you have tips or suggestions send to us via social so we can share them!

  3. Encourage people you spend time with/ live with to join in to make this challenge stay all month long!

Stay tuned for some tips and updates on how we're doing via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use the hashtag #GGGoZero to show us how you're going ZERO!